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Creative Tutoring, Inc. provides educational and vocational services for students placed on home instruction. All academic and vocational subjects, special education and resouce room are taught by our teachers. Creative Tutoring, Inc. works with child care agencies whose foster children receive remediation in the subjects they are deficient in.

Teachers registered with Creative Tutoring, Inc. are assigned according to their proximity to the client and subject qualifications. Upon acceptance of the assignment the teacher is expected to arrange for a full session of instruction with the parent or guardian. The parent, guardian or adult must sign the Attendance Report verifying the date of instruction and the time started and completed. Creative Tutoring, Inc. is to be notified as to the time and date of the educational session. In reference to home instruction, the teacher is required to call a designated school official i.e. teacher, guidance counselor, home instruction supervisor, secretary, department chairperson, in order to discuss the curriculum and any other pertinent matters.

Home instruction for students referred by school districts may not take place on weekends, holidays or any day that school is not in session. It is permissable to teach students after school hours as well as during school hours as long as school is in session, Foster Agency instruction may take place any day or at any time during the day, including after school hours weekends and holidays.

An adult (minimum 18 years of age) must be home during the instructional session. YOU ARE NOT TO ENTER THE HOME if an adult is not present. In cases where the adult is not present or when the student or parent is late for a session, the teacher is compensated for one hour's time after waiting fifteen minutes for the person to appear.

Attendance Reports and a very brief Lesson Plan Report are required to be mailed to Creative Tutoring every month.

Grades: (Homebound instruction only) You will receive correspondence before each marking period asking you to give your student(s) a grade.

Upon acceptance of your first assignment you will be sent W-4 and 1-9 forms as required by law. In addition, you will receive detailed instructions. Please feel free to call our office with any questions you might have.


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